Due to recent Google regulations, we unfortunately will no longer be able to support Boostsuite, a proprietary product of Atlantic BT. Boostsuite was shut down on April 1, 2018. We do want to offer you a free marketing consultation with our talented Digital Strategy team here at Atlantic BT.

A Unique Approach to Online Advertising.

Online advertising can be overwhelming, especially when it's just you against the big boys. Only through BoostSuite can you combine forces with like-minded businesses to cleverly share customers. As a result, you drive valuable traffic to your website and achieve big-time marketing results.

You Choose Your Partners.

BoostSuite matches you with partners based on similarities in your online audiences. Whichever you choose, they'll have existing relationships with customers who are very likely to buy what you sell.

Target Only Your Ideal Customers.

BoostSuite combines the audiences of your partners into one lucrative pool. Instead of aiming blindly across the Internet, your ads now focus on this highly-targeted pool of customers.

Your Ads Follow Their Visitors.

After a customer from this pool visits one of your partners' websites, YOUR ad follows them across the Web. When they visit CNN, ESPN and many more - including top sites in your industry - YOUR ad is prominently displayed there thanks to BoostSuite. How cool is that?

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Trusted by 25,000
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"Best program!"

"We have been using BoostSuite for the past week and our traffic is already starting to grow. It's very simple and easy to understand."

Richard Sault
Salt Dog Cycling


"An excellent way to boost site traffic with qualified shoppers. A great addition to our marketing plan!"

Jamie Meares
Furbish Studio

"Great service!"

"I have been working with BoostSuite since 2014. So far, I have 32 confirmed article trades and partners. I have had hundreds of visitors visit my website as a result."

Dr. Teri Dourmashkin
La Vie Celeste Skin Care

"Great customer service!"

"Very rarely do you get a great idea, great product and great people behind it. These guys are the unicorn. Do your company a favor and get the app, you won't be sorry!"

Elton Laskey
Madison Rose Boutique

"Great app!"

"Very easy to use, simple. The ease of implementing had me sold and I upgraded."

Dusty Schlotfeldt
Fitness Experts

"Highly recommended!"

"We have been using BoostSuite for a while now and we've seen a 50% increase in traffic and a 300% increase in sales. User friendly and easy interface to suit any business needs. We will be upgrading right now."

Hristo Gaydarski
TMG Workwear

"Six placements in one month!"

"I have been able to trade six articles in the month of June. This has allowed me to take a small vaca from writing my own blog content :-D"

Tamia Di Leonardo
Hair Dynasty

"Global reach in two weeks!"

"A short two weeks of trying out BoostSuite and I have two exchanges, one in the US and one in the UK. I even received recognition on Business2Community because of the exposure."

W. Brendan Waller
Unison Measurable Marketing

"Increase in web traffic!"

"BoostSuite made it super easy to trade articles with 25 other businesses. In fact, it feels like we now have an entire team of writers on our side. We’ve already seen an increase in web traffic to our e-commerce site."

Brad Irvin
Hippie Butter Hemp Seed Products

"Big results after upgrading!"

"I tried the free plan and got a partner in the first week. Then I upgraded and got seven new partners over the weekend. Five months later I have 49 partners and monthly traffic is up 30%."

Dr. Larry Shapiro
Help Hair - Hair Loss Products

"Five of five stars!"

"I have been watching my ahrefs account. After just two partners I have jumped from a rank of 99million to 50million. I have already recommended this to a few shopify owners... if you are going to spend any money on an app, spend it on this one!"

Anthony Cornfield
Grotto Vapor E-Cigarettes

"Easy for a non a tech guy!"

"I signed up with their free trial package, in less than a week I saw real results and upgraded to their Venti $99 a month package. I saw another noticable increase in traffic to my website within 24hours of upgrading."

Richard Comeau
Ultimate Waterproof Blanket

"Same day results!"

"Great app! I saw an increase in traffic on the same day."

Troy DeFrank
Henrik & Lewis Leather Journals

"Great app!"

"Great app. Increased page views almost immediately."

Deborah Griner
The Cozy Teepee