Use Google Analytics to Find Your Best Keywords

Google Analytics is a great tool to use to monitor your website’s traffic. It provides you with a bounty of great data on a very granular basis. You can use this data in tandem with BoostSuite to better your online marketing results.

With Google Analytics, you can easily track traffic on multiple websites, gather intelligence on visitor behavior, set marketing benchmarks and conversion goals, compare new vs. returning traffic, view visitor trending and loyalty, and find out the different traffic sources. It is within the “Traffic Sources” tab within Google Analytics that you can find out which keywords people are using to find your site. This is very valuable information because the more you know about the keywords that are used to find you, the more you can optimize your site for said keywords.

Follow these steps within Google Analytics to find out which keywords searchers find you for in the search engines:

(Note:  You must first set up at least one goal within Google Analytics so you can gather some conversion data)

  1. Log into your Google Analytics Account.
  2. Click on the “Traffic Sources” tab on the left hand side.
  3. Click on the “Keywords” tab underneath “Traffic Sources”.
  4. Select a date range in the top right-hand corner that is at least 3-4 months long.
  5. Click on the “Goal Set” tab in the main body area, this will display all of the goals that you’ve set up.
  6. Sort the Goal column to display the goal conversion percentage from highest to lowest.
  7. At the bottom of the page, select to show 50 to 100 rows.

Every keyword displayed in the left-hand column that has a conversion percentage associated with it is a keyword that you should be optimizing your site for. You can see how many visits you received from that keyword in the “Visits” column.  Use Eden to optimize for these keywords and you’ll continue to see an increase in qualified traffic, ergo conversions.

Once you have your list of keywords, it’s time to utilize them in your new and existing content! This is going to help you attract more high-quality visitors who will then become your customers.

To get started with this, sign up for a free BoostSuite account, then make sure you have your new keywords list handy. BoostSuite will automatically find any existing meta keywords on your site but make sure you enter your Google Analytics keywords into the Keyword Strategy Suggestion.

Once you have your keywords- BoostSuite will match you with the best potential partners for your business so you can start co-marketing together.

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