Amazing Blogging Tip: Create Beautiful Infographics for Your Blog

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Creating infographics is among the best blogging tips. Infographics improve blog engagement and help you get more backlinks. You can find affordable freelancers to help you make infographics at sites like Upwork and Reddit. You can also make your own infographics with tools like Canva and Piktochart. Start incorporating infographics into your blog and you”ll be amazed at the growth in your blog numbers.

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4 Tips to Survive Google Panda Update 2016

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Without a doubt Google is the most used search engine worldwide. Most of the traffic that flows to websites also comes from this extraordinarily popular search engine. Needless to say, getting a high-ranking on Google is the aim of every website owner and in order to do this they optimize their websites according to Google”s wishes.

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Marketing Concepts Don”t Change… But the Tools Do.

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A lot has changed in marketing over the last few years. It used to be that a company would look at their business model and customer demographic information and formulate marketing plans based on how they wanted to market to you. There was little consideration to being disruptive and annoying – which can indeed damage your brand. Good news, marketing concepts haven”t changed, but how you reach your potential buyer has.

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6 Reasons Why You Might Need a New Business Website

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I will entirely skip the question do you need a business website at all since that was the question you should ask in 2010 at the latest. I”ll presume that few years back you got a brand new website for your business, or even you built one by yourself, and I”ll also assume that it was a good site at the time. So why should you even think about the new website?

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4 Reasons Why Computer Translators Cannot Replace Human Translators

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It?s fair to say that computers form part of most people?s lives and we rely tremendously on technology and software to run our businesses and lives in general. Whether our chosen profession is accountancy, architecture, broadcasting, media, education or medicine (to name just a few), it?s very difficult to imagine how we would deliver good quality products efficiently without the use of computers.

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