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Co-Marketing is the Newest Type of Online Marketing

Do you feel like you’re constantly drowning in a sea of social media sites and online marketing trends? Nowadays when you go online it seems like the competition for your customers’ attention has become more cutthroat than it used to be. With an infinite number of links to click on, how can your small business stand out from the crowd in order to attract and expand a loyal online audience? The answer is co-marketing.
Co-marketing is the concept of connecting businesses …

Why Branding is Important to Your Business

Today’s guest post comes to us from Calvin Neel of  Calvin has been in the Motorsports world in different capacities for over 20 years. He began as a tire guy on dirt modifieds when he was just 15 years old and has worked his way up to USAC sprint cars as well as Must See Racing extreme sprints. Calvin’s experience from the ground floor in racing to working with sponsors and learning the financial side of racing makes him uniquely qualified to assist …

Finding and Developing “A Players”

Today’s guest post comes to us from Patrick Thean of Patrick is Co-Founder and CEO of Rhythm Systems. He is author of “Rhythm: How to Achieve Breakthrough Execution and Accelerate Growth”, and creator of Rhythm software. Visit our site to learn how we can help you execute strategically, better and faster.

Every month, whether or not you’ve made your numbers, you have to cut checks. I’m sure you’ve all heard the term ROI, return on investment, but what about Return on Payroll? If payroll is …

Announcing the Winners of our $1,000 Google Ads Giveaway!

Every time you request an article trade in BoostSuite, you extend a warm greeting to a new friend – a new marketing partner for your business – and new customers too.
But, during the last two weeks of June, making trade requests in BoostSuite became even more powerful.
Each article trade requested entered users into the running to win a $500 Google Advertising credit plus another $500 Google Advertising credit to give to their favorite co-marketing partner in BoostSuite.
Isn’t it amazing what friends can accomplish together?
For our two …

8 Critical Steps to a Successful Website Redesign Process

Written by Oluwafemi Adeniyi of

A website needs to be refreshed every now and then. Whether you’re rebranding, moving to a new CMS or your website is not getting the results you desire, redesigning may be necessary.
Effective web redesigns can potentially transform your website into a sales machine, attracting targeted visitors, generating qualified leads and ultimately turning and converting visitors into paying customers. Whether you’re doing the redesign on your own or you’re working with a freelance designer or a …

PayPal vs. Stripe vs. Worldpay – Selecting the Best Payment Gateway

Written by Michelle Fredlund of

Today we’re going to compare the pros and cons of popular payment processors in the industry.
If you have found this article it is likely that you are in the process of choosing a payment gateway for your online store. Maybe you are already processing with one of the above but are dissatisfied with the service so you are looking for a better solution.
Whatever your situation, if you want to find out which payment gateway is the right …

13 Tips for Choosing the Right Website Design Agency

Written by Sergios Charalambous of
CEO of SoftwareCy

We choose the topic of website design because a lot of people now want to create their website and go to different companies or individuals to get their website done in order to get an online presence.
Unfortunately, a big amount of these people are not technical and the website design companies or individuals take advantage of the situation and do a poor job. Or, they will overcharge them for the work that they will …

Consider White Papers for Building Authority In Your Industry

Today’s guest post comes to us from Steve Myring of Steve is CEO of Digital Strategies Marketing Agency in the UK.

As the business world gets more competitive, you need more than basic marketing tools to capture and retain the interests of your audience. White papers can give you that edge.
They are an excellent medium for B2B companies to tell their brand story and to be recognized as a voice of authority in their respective industries.
However, in order to be effective with your …

A Four Step Process for Launching a New Product in a Crowded Market

This guest post comes from Charles Obinna Onwugbene of Charles is a small business owner and registered civil engineer, specifying the right class of American porcelain tiles for projects.

New businesses decide what road to take when they begin. Many businesses look for the easy road and invariably end up not achieving success because the best road to starting a business is like the narrow road that leads to a happy life… and those who find it are few.
Most businesses believe if they …

How to Promote an Infographic

Today’s guest post comes from our friend Jack Knopfler of Follow Mammoth Infographics on social media for more marketing tips. We’re big fans!

A few weeks ago we were preparing to launch our own infographic about Small Business SEO Nightmares and we sat down to build a list of promotional strategies.
We’d spent literally weeks building what we thought was the perfect story and infographic to engage business owners who might also be interested in BoostSuite. Turns out, just about every small business owner …

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