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Archive for the ‘Small Business Website Marketing’ Category

How to Create an Infographic to Promote Any Business

You don’t have to be a high tech company to get the web marketing lift that comes from creating an infographic. In fact, there’s only one thing you need to have to create a great infographic…  a good understanding of your customers.
Infographics are great because they are easy to understand and easy to share. They use creative visuals to communicate information that might otherwise be too dense or boring when presented in written form alone.
We’ve created a number of infographics …

How Your Online T-shirt Business Can Benefit From Co-Marketing

You believe you have a talent and an eye for making appealing t-shirts, and could find some success selling them, which has led you to launch a website to do just that.
Now what? You’re a t-shirt designer, not a master marketer. How do you go from operating an online store in the desolate, barren wastelands of the Internet, where not a soul stirs (or shops for t-shirts), to one that has a prime corner location in the Internet’s Mall of …

How to Make Your Business More Visible Using Social and Blog Content

For businesses of all sizes, being visible to your target audience of customers and prospects is a high priority. Can people find you online? Do people know about your business? Do people know about what your business does? Do they follow your business after the first sale and become repeat customers?
With content marketing you can boost your visibility, taking advantage of the keywords that are most searched for and applying them to the content you create. It’s a simple four-step …

Video Marketing and Why You Should Be Doing It (Facts and Stats)

Today’s guest post was written and compiled by Bill Gray of
Google has begun structuring search results to reward sites that include video. According to Forrester Research, any video in an index of searched keywords has a 53 times greater chance of appearing on the first page of search results than a text page.
In general, Google tends to use video results for these types of keywords:
How-to keywords (“how to make a video”€), Reviews (“HP laptop reviews”), Tutorials (“€œOnline video tutorials”€), …

BoostSuite Reaches 20,000 Users

Today we’re excited to announce that we’ve reached yet another important company milestone – 20,000 BoostSuite users!
This news is indicative of an increasing trend: more small business marketers are holding themselves accountable by taking their results into their own hands.
These Do-it-Myselfers are building their audiences with co-marketing, sharing content from and with their partners. They know BoostSuite works so they are willing to spend more of their time working on their co-marketing.
BoostSuite’s 20,000th user is Anicca of Thriving Mostly Raw.
Anicca provides …

3 Tips For Determining the Length of Your Next Blog Post

Now that more and more businesses have discovered content marketing, there is a flood of new content being generated in almost every industry, usually in the form of blog posts. There is€™ a lot of great content being produced, but also a lot of pretty terrible content too.
Let’€™s first talk about what makes blog posts and other online content great.
I believe that content is great when it does three things: intrigue, inspire, and compel.
Intriguing content arouses the curiosity and interest of the reader. It fascinates them, …

How to Build a Successful Blog with Email Marketing

Today’s post is brought to you by Ryan Pinkham from Constant Contact.
At Constant Contact, we are big believers in the power of using email marketing to help build a successful blog.
This is something we talk about a lot when educating our small business customers, and is also something we’ve experienced firsthand.
We re-launched the Constant Contact Blog in 2012.
At that time, we brought the blog onto a new platform, introduced a new URL, and really redefined our strategy for content marketing.
Knowing …

BoostSuite’s Third Page 10 Award Recipients

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen! We’re excited to give out our third Page 10 Award!
For those of you who are unfamiliar with this award, allow me to explain:
There are some really great results on page 10 of the search results, yet very few searchers ever see them because they simply don’t dig that deep! This award highlights one of the entries from page 10 of the Google search results.
We understand how hard it is for small businesses to rank on page …

Keywords Told Me What My Friends Wouldn’t

This year I’ve gone through the roller coaster ride of conceptualizing and standing up a business.
While it’s been a ‘side of the desk’ exercise  – running parallel with a day job, it can be mentally consuming. Some days I’m fuelled with enthusiasm; others despondent over the 3 visitors to my website.
I talk to friends and business professionals at every opportunity to get feedback. While they’re encouraging of going solo their feedback is vague – and gentle: “Maybe try this…”, “Maybe …

Keep Calm & Engage: How Your Brand Should Leverage Social Media Today

Social networks seem to keep cropping up, whether people want them to or not. The world at large likes to think of social media in very simple terms: Facebook, Twitter, and maybe LinkedIn. And yet, the list of logos beneath a blog or a YouTube video continues to grow and grow – Google+, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, and more. What allows them to all coexist is that they each serve a different purpose, or cater to a different crowd.
For the enthusiastic …

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