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How to Keep Search Engine Rankings During a Website Redesign

How to Keep Search Engine Rankings During a Website Redesign

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Every so often, for a variety of reasons, business” decide to change things up and redesign their website. The problem is, however, that often there are some important aspects that end up overlooked. So, how do you keep search engine rankings flying high during a website redesign? Here are our top tips to help you plan your redirect strategy.

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The #1 Metric You Need to Know for Your Next Marketing Budget

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If you”re like most companies, you”re asking the wrong question about your marketing budget: How much should we spend on our digital marketing? The real question isn”t how much to spend, but how much revenue do you want to generate, and in what timeframe? There”s one metric that is absolutely necessary if you”re going to answer these questions knowledgeably. Without it, you won”t know the budget you”ll need to meet your revenue goals ? or, just as important, where and how to spend it.

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Google’s Ranking for HTTPS Pages: What Should You Do?

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At the recent Search Marketing Expo in New York, Gary Illyes of Google gave what he said was probably the first, public official discussion of how Google has added website security as a ranking factor when indexing sites. First, don”t panic. Plan. Get with your webmaster or development team and outline a plan of action to take your site to a fully secure site. Follow these important steps to do it properly.

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