Emergency Ad Network Service Outage April 16th 2016

Friday 4/22 3:15PM: We’re excited to announce all free and paying customers’ ads are back online now. Your ads are already showing to your target market around the world. All free and paying customers will see impressions and clicks in their ads dashboard tomorrow or Sunday.

Thursday 4/21 10:48PM: We’re excited to announce all paying customers’ ads are back online now. Ads are already showing to your target market around the world. All paying customers will see impressions and clicks in their ads dashboard tomorrow or Saturday.

We’ll be sending another follow-up soon to paying customers regarding the impressions and clicks you missed over the last six days while your ads weren’t shown to customers over six days.

We’ve already begun restoring advertising service to our free users too. As that process continues please check here for further updates. We hope to have ads online again for all free users before noon tomorrow. Thanks again for your patience.

Thursday 4/21 4:17PM: Most paying customers’ campaigns are now back online. We plan to complete re-loading paying customer campaigns within the next two hours. We’ll provide another update this evening.

Wednesday 4/20 11:03PM: We’re continuing the process to restore all user accounts. We’ll provide another update tomorrow afternoon including the percentage of all accounts who have had their ad service restored.

Tuesday 4/19 7:20PM: We’re beginning to restore service to customer accounts with priority for paying customers first, then free users. Many accounts will begin serving ads again this evening, followed by more accounts tomorrow. We’ll post updates here on our progress with restoring ad serving to all accounts as we go.

Tuesday 4/19 10:07AM: We’re evaluating new network partners to bring your ads back online.

Monday 4/18 3:30PM: We’re continuing to work with our ad network vendor to restore distribution of ads in their network.

Sunday 4/17 9:45AM: We’re continuing to work with our ad network vendor to restore distribution of ads in their network.

Saturday 4/16/2016 11:31AM: We’re actively tracking a service delivery issue with our ad network partner that is currently preventing all ads from showing across the BoostSuite network.

We were originally notified by our advertising partner of an active service delivery issue in their network last night at 9:59PM Eastern Time. We have been in regular contact with their team since then and are receiving regular updates as they review and escalate the issue.

In the mean time, the BoostSuite service remains online where you can edit your ad, connect with new marketing partners, and review marketing results. Until our partner restores service in their ad fulfillment system all BoostSuite users will see a temporary drop in ad impressions and clicks in the ads dashboard in BoostSuite.

After our ad fulfillment partner restores service, your advertising campaign will receive accelerated volumes of impressions and clicks for a period of time equal to the length of their outage.

We strive to select the most effective and reliable ad network partners and will continue to hold all of our service providers accountable to the high level of service we expect for our users. This incident also underscores the need for us to develop additional ad fulfillment partners so we can provide the most reliable and optimized advertising results for the 30,000 small businesses who rely on the BoostSuite marketing network. This will become a top priority for our team after this incident is resolved.

Check back here for updates as we continue to actively work with our partner to restore delivery of your ads to your targeted customers around the Web.

About Aaron Houghton

Aaron Houghton is the CEO at a Co-founder at BoostSuite.com. Aaron is passionate about building software that helps make small business owners more successful. Before BoostSuite, Aaron was a co-founder at email marketing leader iContact.com.

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