The #1Concern For Small Business Owners In 2015: Attracting New Customers

171687In an article published last month in eMarketer, data from Gallup and Wells Fargo shows that 31% of US small business owners thought the operating environment for their business this year would be better than 2014, compared with 23% a year ago. Just 15% thought it would be worse.

But there are also concerns: Respondents ranked attracting customers, targeting business opportunities, and finding work and new business as the most important challenge.

So if you’re a small business owner, how do you address these concerns? How do you attract new customers and increase your business?

Co-Marketing to Expand Your Reach

One of the best ways to attract new visitors to your site, and bring in potential customers is through co-marketing – working with partners to trade blog articles and other content that can be posted on your site and theirs.

In a recent post, we answered the question of whether you should post on other websites. The answer was a resounding “yes!” By publishing content on a different website, you widen the new visitors and potential customers for your site and your business.

A great tool for blogging on other sites is the new BoostSuite Article Exchange, which allows you to trade blog posts with your marketing partners in BoostSuite.

Since the Article Exchange has been live, 75% of articles in confirmed trades have been published.

New Year, New Opportunities to Share Your Success

By reaching out to co-marketing partners and trading content that can be posted on your respective site, you have a chance to find new customers that you may not have reached by publishing on your site alone. Plus, it opens up other opportunities with your co-marketing partners that can result in a shared success in 2015.

About Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith is co-founder and CMO at BoostSuite. Daniel is a car enthusiast, world traveler and wanna-be wine snob. When he’s not at BoostSuite helping small businesses succeed you can find him skiing, wake-boarding and driving fast cars.

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