The Best Website Analytics Suite…

and Why Your Business Doesn’t Need It

I run into other online marketers and online promotions people all the time. Everyone is always talking about the latest and greatest website analytics suite they use. However, all these tools just provide more and more data that cannot be easily analyzed. The result is analysis-paralysis and frustration for even the most seasoned marketing professionals.

Here is one conversation I recently had (names have been changed to protect the innocent):

Online Marketing Person: “What do you do?”
Daniel: “I am the CMO at BoostSuite. A new startup that helps small businesses optimize their websites without having to be data analysts. What do you do?”
Online Marketing Person: “Oh. I work for XYZ Widget Corp. I am their Super Senior Marketing Analyst. I help XYZ to optimize their CPC, PPC, SEO, SEM, CPA, PPA and of course their ROI.”
Daniel: “How is that going?”
Online Marketing Person: “Honestly, I have no idea. I spend all my time in Website Analytics Suites. There is so much data, I just need to keep working and cross my fingers it works. Speaking of, what your favorite website analytics suite? Wish I could find a better one…..”
Daniel: “I don’t have one. In fact. I think the best one for most businesses with limited time and budget is to not have one at all.”
Online Marketing Person: “What? How is that possible? You must like one of them? Google Analytics? Hubspot? Conductor? Marketo? Maybe something newer like Spring Metrics?”
Daniel: “Honestly, no. I really don’t like using any of them. If you are a small business, do you really have the time to commit to learning these tools? Even if you do, do you have the budget to use them? That is why we created BoostSuite. It cuts through the data overflow from your website analytics suite and just tells you what you need to do to optimize your website and get more customers.”
Online Marketing Person: “Yeah, I guess that works for a small business. But I am an overpaid marketing analyst. I am supposed to do this work, not let a program that starts free and costs less than $20 a month do my job for me!”
Daniel: “You’re right. BoostSuite is designed to replace both the website analytics suite and the marketing analyst at a company. But don’t worry, you can still keep your job and use BoostSuite. As an analyst, BoostSuite will help you skip the analytics steps and spend more time actually implementing changes for your website. You will look like a genius.”
Online Marketing Person: “Oh, I could really use some of my time back. Maybe I will try that out. How do I get started?”
Daniel: “Just go to and click “Get My Top 25 Suggestions” to get started. Signup takes just 60 seconds”
Online Marketing Person: “Oh, I gotta do that. The last website analytics suite I signed up for took 2 weeks of 8 hour training days just to get started. See you later. Off to sign up for BoostSuite!”
Daniel: “Great meeting you. Enjoy all your new found freedom. Say goodbye to all those Website Analytics Suites for me when you kick them out.”

There you go. I have that conversation at least twice if not more times each week. Even professional marketers realize they cannot effectively manage all the data generated by their website. If you are serious about making your website work for your business, and to optimize the site without sacrificing every hour of your day, BoostSuite is the tool for you. Sign up today!

Have any stories about Wesbite Analytics Suites that were just too complicated or expensive to use? Let us know!

About Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith is co-founder and CMO at BoostSuite. Daniel is a car enthusiast, world traveler and wanna-be wine snob. When he’s not at BoostSuite helping small businesses succeed you can find him skiing, wake-boarding and driving fast cars.

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