10 Reasons Why We Love Small Businesses

Small businesses are the heart of the American economy. Our mission here at BoostSuite is to help small businesses with their website marketing and results. The Raleigh/Durham area is a hotbed for entrepreneurs and their startups. BoostSuite itself is a startup and we work with small businesses on a daily basis.

We want to share with you 10 key reasons why we love small businesses, and the people that run them, so much:

  1. You are courageous! It takes a lot of guts and fortitude to start a business. We respect that and commend your efforts! Is that a Superman logo I see underneath that button-up?
  2. You are entrepreneurial. That spirit is exciting and contagious! We love hearing stories of your experiences and how you’ve overcome adversity (Please share them with us in the comments)! Our local and national economies needs more people like you.
  3. You are community driven. The big corporations don’t get involved in the local community the same way you do. You sponsor races, events and fundraisers, you volunteer, give time and resources, and so much more to make our communities better places to live and work. You are also active in the small business community, offering free services and your own personal time to help others like you out.
  4. You care about relationships. You don’t hide behind a board of directors or a big name CEO, you are the face of the business and you care about your customers. People talk to you and not a machine when they call. You also care about the business relationships you make.  Trust and loyalty are paramount when trying to grow a business, and small businesses know this and take it to heart.
  5. You are unique. No two small business models are the same and you each stand out in your own spectacular way. You solve problems unique to your target markets and set yourselves apart.
  6. You create jobs. Almost 99% of the jobs in the US are created by small businesses (source)! This is just what our local and national economies need.
  7. You are invested. Every customer matters to you and you do what it takes to keep them happy and keep your business successful. You aren’t simply building a business for a job, there’s a much more personal connection and investment that you’ve made with your mission statement and customers.
  8. You love to learn. We all know you wouldn’t be where you are today without constantly listening and learning. You love hearing about other small business models and concepts, and providing feedback to others like you to help both parties succeed. You also read the latest news regarding your industry and community, keeping your finger on the pulse of the market.
  9. You are versatile. As a small business you wear many hats and as a result you become experts in all aspects of a successful business. You can juggle your finances, customer support, website marketing, and day to day operations, all with a smile on your face.
  10. You take risks and occasionally stand alone. Wayne Gretzky once said, “You miss 100% of the shots you never take”. Small businesses take a lot of risks, but the rewards received from these risks make them well worth taking. Hopefully you’re not standing entirely alone, but you definitely have to be willing and able to maintain your decisions and risks on your own two feet.
We know it’s not easy being small. You’re oftentimes strapped for cash and time, so as a token of our appreciation we’re offering a free BoostSuite account to all small businesses.  BoostSuite helps you spend your time marketing your website online more efficiently. Even if you can only spend 30 minutes to an hour a week on your website marketing, BoostSuite optimizes that time by telling you exactly what you need to do to get the best results and maximizes the return you receive by doing the work. You don’t have to waste time reviewing confusing website analytics data, you just have to follow our suggestions. Thank you for being you and doing what you do! We will all of your the best of luck and hope you grow your businesses to achieve their full potential!
Why do you love small businesses?  Let us know in the comments below!

About Ryan Kettler

Ryan Kettler is Director of Content for BoostSuite. Ryan is a sports fanatic, avid golfer, devoted runner, beer connoisseur, Internet marketing zealot and live music enthusiast. When he’s not indulging in all things content marketing he can be found on the links, running 5ks, or sampling IPAs. BoostSuite is a co-marketing tool for small businesses. BoostSuite connects you with thousands of other businesses who already have the audience and content you need. With BoostSuite you can run a successful online marketing program in less than an hour a week. BoostSuite is free, easy to use, and only takes a minute to set up.

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