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Archive for July, 2012

Website Marketing Strategy Poll Results Are In! Conclusion: Analytics are Confusing

We’ve always been somewhat obsessed with rankings. Now that the 2012 Olympic Games are in full swing, there’s a lot of talk of who’s winning gold, silver, and bronze medals. There’s no feeling more gut-wrenching than coming in 4th after years of training. Whether it’s the medal podium or your organic search result rankings, we want to see people earn the best results possible through hard work and diligence.
A month ago, we posted a poll on LinkedIn asking small business …

Don’t Just Write a Blog Article – Promote It!

Use Social Media, your Website, and Email Marketing to give your blog article more exposure and increase traffic to your website
If you are a regular reader of the BoostSuite blog, you will know that we are big fans of keeping your website fresh with regular blog articles on pertinent topics for your business. At our office, we try to write at least 2 or 3 articles a week so that there is always a reason to come to, even …

Are You Picking Your Low-Hanging SEO Fruit?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is sometimes described as confusing, tedious, and time-consuming.  These adjectives scare small business owners and give online marketers pause. SEO has gotten a bad rap, intimidating small businesses into spending a lot of time and money for internet marketing consultants, SEO experts, and website analytics tools because they think that SEO is just too hard for them to understand. The truth of the matter is that when you break down SEO into an itemized list, there …

Five Reasons Not To Use Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Would you rather spend your marketing dollars paying for customers or paying for clicks?
Over the last few years, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising (like Google Adwords) has become the go-to-choice for many businesses hoping to grow their sales online. Today, I am going to show you five reasons why it can be a bad idea. In its most basic form, PPC does seem to be very straight-forward. You decide how much you will pay for a click on your ad, and you …

10 Reasons Why We Love Small Businesses

Small businesses are the heart of the American economy. Our mission here at BoostSuite is to help small businesses with their website marketing and results. The Raleigh/Durham area is a hotbed for entrepreneurs and their startups. BoostSuite itself is a startup and we work with small businesses on a daily basis.
We want to share with you 10 key reasons why we love small businesses, and the people that run them, so much:

You are courageous! It takes a lot of guts and …

Long Tail Keywords; The best way to get to the top of Google

Long Tail Keywords are the best way for you to have a competitive advantage in search over your competition.
Intrigued? I am sure you are, but I also bet you are wondering what the heck is a Long Tail Keyword (LTK) anyways? Basically it’s a keyword that has more verbiage in it and only get fewer searches on the search engines. As you probably know, the 80/20 rule applies to most things in life, and search is no different. Only a …

BoostSuite Is Your Small Business Marketing Team All-Star

The 2012 Major League Baseball season is halfway over, and you know what that means; it’s the All-Star break! Time for all the best players from the American and National Leagues to get together tonight in Kansas City to duke it out.  The MLB All-Star game is unlike any of those from the other professional sports in that it actually means something to the players and their respective teams.
You see, the winner of the All-Star game receives home-field advantage in …

BoostSuite and Small Business; A Patriotic Combo

Happy 4th of July!
Thanks for checking out our blog on our nation’s birthday. We hope that you have something planned on your day off to show how much you love the red, white, and blue. Whether it’s vacation, grilling some meat in tube-form, burgers, or some Iowa black angus choice cuts, heading to the pool/beach/lake to cool off and enjoy an adult beverage or two, watching some fireworks, or just hanging out with friends and family, there’s nothing quite like …

Why SMBs Should Use BoostSuite vs. Business Intelligence Analysts

Last Wednesday (6/27/12), The Triangle Business Journal posted a blog article and slideshow detailing Six surprising six-figure jobs. The article provided some recent research that showed those with a knack for technology and creative thinking can break the $100K ceiling. The profiled positions include mobile applications developers, data security analysts, and user experience designers.
There was one position in particular that immediately got my attention and had me scratching my head, thinking, “there’s no way any of our small business customers could afford this …

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