Promote Your Business Articles with AddThis and BoostSuite

Adding content to your marketing website is extremely valuable, and with BoostSuite, you’re told exactly what to add/change on your website to get the most “bang for your buck”, but to get the upmost value out of a single piece of content, some promotion is normally required. This is especially true with small businesses. One of the most important things a small business owner or blogger needs to do in order to compete online is promote their posts and articles. This gives them maximum exposure and the ability to reach more people than through just the organic search engine results. There are many wonderful social bookmarking sites out there such as StumbleUpon, Delicious, and Reddit that allow contributors to share their articles with the rest of the Internet. There are also many sites such as FaceBook and Twitter that are excellent sources of traffic. This post discusses using the AddThis tool bar and social plugin to easily promote and share content with these sites and many others.

What is AddThis?

The AddThis website is the largest social sharing platform around. Their service allows you to create buttons for blogs and other web pages that allow users to share the site with social bookmarking and other sites. The social plugins and real-time analytics enable site owners to drive traffic and increase engagement.

How to Use AddThis

The first thing one needs to do is install the tool bar. This can be done by going to the AddThis website, scrolling to the bottom, and clicking on the Get AddThis for your browser option. Once installed an orange addition symbol will appear at the top of your browser. To use AddThis simply go to an article and then click on the orange addition symbol. A drop down window provides several popular sites such as FaceBook, Twitter, and Delicious.

If you click on the more option you will be taken to a page with dozens of other options. Each service you click on will take you to a log-in page and most will allow you to create an account if you do not have one. The AddThis service then fills in many of the fields needed to share your article and leaves you to fill in the rest.

The second thing to do is install the social plugin on your marketing site or blog. This allows your visitors/readers to share your posts and increase page views and audience by encouraging visitors to share content to social channels with the “best buttons in the business.” This is what the plugin button looks like when you hover over it.

By using AddThis along with BoostSuite, small businesses everywhere can write articles on their marketing sites and blogs that are properly optimized for the keywords they’re targeting and then promote their articles quickly through a dozen separate services such as, Blogger, Typepage, Buzz, GiveALink, LinkedIn, and others. We recommend using this convenient and free service to advertise your articles across the Internet.

About Ryan Kettler

Ryan Kettler is Director of Content for BoostSuite. Ryan is a sports fanatic, avid golfer, devoted runner, beer connoisseur, Internet marketing zealot and live music enthusiast. When he’s not indulging in all things content marketing he can be found on the links, running 5ks, or sampling IPAs. BoostSuite is a co-marketing tool for small businesses. BoostSuite connects you with thousands of other businesses who already have the audience and content you need. With BoostSuite you can run a successful online marketing program in less than an hour a week. BoostSuite is free, easy to use, and only takes a minute to set up.

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