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Archive for June, 2012

An Ode To The Search Box

The Search Box Is Your Best Opportunity To Grow Your Company Online
The search box is such an innocent looking rectangle. It sits there on the page, beckoning, welcoming…the submit button promising accurate answers to all that come and search before it. If you think about it, what is really amazing about the search box, whether it’s the Google Search Box, the Bing Search Box, or even an “old school’ search box like Yahoo,  is just how powerful it is. It …

Reader Poll: What Are Your Challenges? Web Marketing Strategy and Keywords

Hello readers!  We would love to get your opinion on this matter. Please cast your vote below.  Thanks for your input!  Did we omit something from this list? Let us know in the comments below!

3 Benefits of Using BoostSuite Over Other Website Analytics Tools

Have any of you small businesses owners/marketers out there ever tried to set up and review any sort of website analytics software in order to better your online marketing results? If so, you’ll know this process is difficult because most of these tools provide you with data in the form of charts and graphs, not actionable items such as, “based on this data, you need to do X”. Reviewing this data can be confusing, and confusion usually leads to wasted …

What is a sitemap?

The most basic definition of a sitemap is a list of pages on your website. There are two different kinds of sitemaps however. Those for people (a Human Sitemap) and those for search engines (an XML Sitemap). Each has a very different purpose.
Let’s take a more in-depth look at each. Let’s use FedEx to see an example of each sitemap.
Human Sitemap
The Human Sitemap for FedEx can be found here: The purpose of this page is for navigation around …

Small Business; Generate Your Free Marketing Report With BoostSuite For Awesome Website Analysis

There are over 4 million small businesses across the United States. Most of them have a website, yet a large percentage of these small businesses do not use their website as a proper marketing channel. They simply have a web presence that’s essentially an online brochure that they can refer people to. It’s not used for acquiring new customers. It’s not being put to work for these businesses. The businesses that DO use their websites as marketing channels oftentimes use …

How Google Ranks Pages and Why You Should Care!

There has been a lot written in the past about the “magic” formula that Google and other search engines use to figure out where your website should rank for a particular search. This article will not go over that. I have found that most people don’t actually care about the nuts and bolts of search, they just want to get to the top of the search engine results page (SERP). So let’s talk about that.
First, let’s make sure we understand …

Promote Your Business Articles with AddThis and BoostSuite

Adding content to your marketing website is extremely valuable, and with BoostSuite, you’re told exactly what to add/change on your website to get the most “bang for your buck”, but to get the upmost value out of a single piece of content, some promotion is normally required. This is especially true with small businesses. One of the most important things a small business owner or blogger needs to do in order to compete online is promote their posts and articles. …

BoostSuite; From Idea to Reality

Earlier this week on Tuesday June 5th we launched the beta version of BoostSuite to the public. This marked the first time anyone outside of our inner circle (about 10 BoostSuite team members and 20 alpha users) had seen the product.
So far the response has been overwhelming. Some of my favorite ones have been from people commenting on the style and ease-of-use of the application (much credit goes to our user-experience team @Knurture).
A few weeks before the launch I got …

Press Release – iContact Co-Founder Houghton Launches New Startup, Just 100 Days After Exit for $180M

BoostSuite helps small businesses get more sales leads and revenue from their websites without the need for data analysis, complicated software, or costly consultants.
Durham, NC (PRWEB) June 06, 2012
BoostSuite today announced the launch of the beta version of their web marketing product for small businesses and organizations. With the launch, small business owners can now optimize their websites to generate more sales leads and customers on their own.
“With BoostSuite you no longer need to be a data analyst, or pay …

BoostSuite Beta Has Arrived!

Break out the champagne! After months of hard work and countless late nights, the day is finally here.  The beta version of BoostSuite is now live and available to the public! Try it out now for free!
BoostSuite represents the next generation of website optimization tools and it will change the way you acquire new customers online. If you have a website, you can use BoostSuite.
Gone are the days of confusing, over-priced website analytics tools.  It’s time to usher in a new era …


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