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Archive for January, 2012

Why Websites Are Slow & Why Speed Really Matters [infographic]

What a difference a millisecond can make. When it comes to browsing the web, every tiny moment counts — and the fewer moments that pass between a mouse click and a fully loaded page, the better.
Speed is a bit of an obsession for most web users, and we at BoostSuite are no exception. We fret over our Internet connections’ and mobile connections’ perceived slowness, and we go bananas for a faster web browser. This is why we released the new …

5 Steps for Finding New Customers

The Eden Platform is all about using your content marketing site to find new customers.  This subject tends to be one of the more confusing aspects of business development.  So how do most successful companies do it?
Even with huge budgets, customer discovery is more than art than science.  I’ve listed the five basic steps below.  The most important part of this process is to be very methodical in your approach.  Knowing where you’ve been is the only way to improve …

Happy New Year! Let’s Hear Your Start-Up Pitch

The new year brings a lot of opportunities for start-ups.  Every start-up needs a great elevator pitch. It’s the quickest way to convey your company’s mission statement and start building rapport with potential customers. Many elevator pitches are too long, too confusing, or both. You need to make sure to keep them short, simple, and in terms that people who are unfamiliar with your business and industry can understand.
I’ve found a great framework for building elevator pitches. It’s just like …

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