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Archive for December, 2011

Infographic: Best Gifts For Your Website This Christmas

We here at BoostSuite would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
As an early New Year’s present, we’d like to share an awesome infographic with you. The infographic shows you what gifts you can give your web site this holiday season to help you focus your attention on keeping your site traffic and sales up through next year. Click on the infographic on the right to expand it.
To all of our customers out there, be sure to …

Could Creating a Google+ Brand Page Boost Your SEO?

A recent video from has business owners speculating over whether or not creating a Google+ page for their brands will help with their search engine optimization.  Since Google already writes the rules for SEO, it seems like a great opportunity for early adopters and small businesses to get a leg-up on their competition.

Have you created a Google+ brand page for your business?  Are you receiving a lot of +1s?  Do you think this will catch on and be a …

Special Offer: Get 10 High-Quality, Creative Offers For Your Website

In preparation for 2012 we’re going to help one lucky customer get an extra boost to Crecimiento Personal Con Reprogramacion Mental his/her web marketing results. Our professional marketers will write ten offers for one lucky customer to help them generate more leads through their content marketing site.
This is perfect for the upcoming New Year as we know that adding offers to your website can increase your marketing conversions by 400%+!
To enter the competition you just need to …

Get Notified of Form Submissions via Email

So your website is getting at least one new lead a day. That’s great.  You’re used to logging into your CMS twice a day to check your Forms module to see who wants to get in touch with you. Cool.  You’re typically converting at least 1 new lead to a customer a week. Awesome.
Now, don’t you wish you could have an email sent to your inbox immediately after a form is submitted on your marketing site? Of course you do. …

9 Ways To Improve Customer Communication on Your Website

If you’re like most business owners, getting leads online is the main reason you created a website in the first place. Sure, you may have a stellar SEO campaign, a beautiful design and an über low bounce rate, but without a well-planned contact strategy, you can’t turn those pageviews into conversions.
Online conversions aren’t just for ecommerce websites. In fact, most businesses use their websites to initiate one-on-one conversations, which is what we’re helping our customers focus on. By personally engaging a …

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