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Archive for October, 2011

Optimize Your Website’s Conversion Percentage: Middle to Bottom of Funnel

In last week’s blog post, we discussed the process of optimizing your websites traffic aka “Top of the Funnel” optimization. This process results in not only more traffic, but qualified traffic. Today we’ll be looking at the middle to bottom rungs of the funnel, conversion optimization. Obligatory rhetorical question time: what’s the point of getting visitors to your site if they do not convert into leads? Every business needs customers, and you have the highest probability of converting leads into …

Optimize Your Website’s Traffic: Top of the Funnel

With the holidays just a few weeks away, it is extremely important to make sure you’re not only getting traffic to your marketing site, but that the traffic is optimized. This means that your website visitors are genuinely interested in your product and/or service.  A higher level of interest leads to a higher likelihood of converting visitors into a leads/customers!
If you look at the graphic on the right (click for expanded view), you’ll see a sales funnel graphic that is …

Southern Energy Management increases leads by 419%

We’ve been keeping an eye on our client, Southern Energy Management, ever since they implemented the Eden Offers feature on their site nearly 2 months ago.
They were looking at a way to increase their website leads, so we suggested Offers.  We’ve tallied the results and you’ll definitely want to check them out.
See how Eden Offers have helped increase website leads by 419%.

How to add video to a page on your website

Demo a product, make a sales pitch, train clients and employees.  All of these things can be accomplished through the use of video on your website.  Follow the steps below to add a video to your marketing site.
1. Copy the “embed code” from your YouTube or Vimeo video. Make sure when copying from YouTube, you select the checkbox that reads “Use old embed code” below the box where you copy it. If the code starts with ”
2. Login to your …

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