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Archive for June, 2011

4 Easy Ways To Get Customer Feedback Online

Every business lives and dies by its customers, so it is extremely important to constantly gauge their satisfaction and calculate your Net Promoter Score to see how your business is performing in their eyes.
Knowing what you’re doing right also lets you make smart decisions about where to focus your energies, and it may even give you fodder for marketing. Plus, your customers will appreciate having ways to communicate with you and knowing they are being heard.
While getting feedback used to …

Content Marketing: Why It’s Here To Stay

Preation has been preaching the benefits of content marketing for quite some time now.  After all, Eden is a content marketing software product designed to help you generate leads through your website.
A recent article on eMarketer has confirmed the importance of content marketing for B2B sales.  There is a good number of larger businesses already doing it and it’s certainly a trend that’s here to stay.
It’s also great to see that Eden helps small businesses with the top three priorities …

Eden Offers Feature Results Are In

After 3 weeks of running the new Offers feature on many of our users’ sites, we’re now in the process of reviewing the results.  They are what we expected.  Some of the offers are very high performing and some are not performing at all, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing!
The results range from 0- 16% conversion rate for all of the offers.  This massive difference makes it obvious that different offers for the same thing actually can influence a …

Share your content on other websites with Eden’s Syndicate Pages Widget

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to share your website’s content with anyone who finds it valuable. Over the last six months we’ve released enhancements to search engine sitemaps in Eden, we added Eden feeds (powered by RSS), and now we’ve added a Syndicate Pages Widget that you can use to build a steady flow of incoming clicks from your partners’ websites.
The Syndicate Pages widget is unlike simple text links because after it has been …

Spam Protection Now Available on Eden Forms

If you’ve never received a website form submission that was full of spammy links and fake text, you’re one of the lucky ones. These days most websites are plagued by visits from automated spam bots that submit your web forms with fake information. Although they have their reasons (like promoting sketchy activities while artificially inflating your website conversion counts), we’re putting an end to them with our new visual captcha image feature.
A captcha image is one of those silly looking …

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