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Archive for May, 2011

Eden Help Videos Now Live On YouTube

We”ve received a lot of feedback from trial and full account users alike asking if we have help videos created that assist our users with getting started in Eden.  We have not until now!  We have added our first three help videos to our YouTube Channel –, and the support page – for your reference.
These first three videos cover some basic Eden functionality that users experience once they sign up.  They show users how to Suggest Keywords, …

Eden Unveils New Offers Feature to Help Small Businesses Generate More Web Leads

In last week’s blog post, “Web Marketer’s Dilemma”, we hinted at a new Eden feature that was coming in our next release.  This feature could double, or even triple, the amount of conversions you’re generating through your website from your existing website visitors.
Our last code release was last night and this highly-anticipated feature has arrived.  It’s called the Offers feature, and it’s used to squeeze every last drop of potential out of your web marketing efforts.
Have you ever wondered why …

Web Marketer’s Dilemma

Web marketing can be a tremendously effective medium to promote your brand online.  It’s also a great way to generate new leads.
Let’s say you’re managing your company’s website.  You’re using social media.  You’re actively tweeting, using Facebook, blogging, etc.  You’re checking your analytics regularly.  The site is getting a ton of traffic, but they’re not turning into leads.  This is a common problem that many marketing professionals face every day.  You’ve done a good job attracting people to your site …

Choosing the right domain name for your company

Your domain name is imperative to the success of your website, if anyone tells you otherwise they’re either lying or don’t know what they’re talking about.
You need a domain name if you’re serious about being an online entity, it’s where you’ll direct all your potential customers to. For them to become customers you’ve to make a good first impression and having your own domain name rather than some free GoDaddy address that’s long and cumbersome will enable you to do …

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