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Archive for March, 2011

Create Free Search Engine Advertisements For Your Eden Website

We all know how crucial it is to have your website appear on the first page of the organic search engine results for the keywords that are important to your prospective customers. A recent study reveals that most search users overlook paid search ads almost entirely.

This means that there”s a huge opportunity for you to attract searchers to your website by writing compelling ads to be displayed in the non-paid search results. So how do you create free search …

Use search and social together and you’ll get more customers

Want more customers for your business? Hearing everyone talking about social media and how businesses should be using it? They’re right. But recent research by GroupM and comScore, some really smart people who do research for big businesses, says that social media alone doesn’t move the dial for businesses. This means that a social media strategy may help introduce your business to new customers but on its own it’s not enough to convince them to make a purchase from your …

Use imagery to achieve your website’s goals

The use of quality imagery is paramount on your content marketing website.  You need to give your visitors a reason to visit and re-visit your site other than the great content you’re providing them with.  By using pictures and graphics, you can give the visitor the feeling that they are reading your company’s online magazine.  Imagery is one of the most powerful tools in visual design.  When choosing or creating images for your pages, it’s important to use graphics deliberately …

Anchor links and how to implement them in Eden

Anchor links can be useful tools on websites, especially when a web page contains a lot of text on a single page.  These links, which may sometime also be called internal links or page jumps, allow people to click on highlighted text and jump to another part of the page.  They can be created fairly easily within Eden and they help improve navigation on a web page.
Many times when people have large single pages they’ll create a page index or …

Understanding Your Eden Quality Score

On your Eden dashboard, you can see your Content Marketing Summary.  In this summary, there is a column titled “Quality Score”.  Technically your Visitor Quality Score is a measurement of the overlap between the behaviors of your current website visitors and the behaviors of previous website visitors who completed conversion actions on your website.  We consider form submissions on your Eden site to be conversions.
This feature is unique to Eden and is extremely valuable when creating your content and optimizing …

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