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We all know that optimizing your pages is very important to search engine optimization (SEO).  What few businesses understand is that you need to be adding pages of well optimized, relevant content to your website on a consistent basis.   One or two pages a week is a good start, but the more you can add, the better.

The search engines love seeing websites that are dynamic.  By dynamic, we mean that they are constantly changing by adding new content-rich, optimized pages.  It doesn’t mean what you are using to manage your website, as long as you’re able to do it often. Adding new pages daily has proven to create significant results for businesses of all sizes, especially small businesses.

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Ryan Kettler is Director of Content for BoostSuite. Ryan is a sports fanatic, avid golfer, devoted runner, beer connoisseur, Internet marketing zealot and live music enthusiast. When he’s not indulging in all things content marketing he can be found on the links, running 5ks, or sampling IPAs. BoostSuite is a co-marketing tool for small businesses. BoostSuite connects you with thousands of other businesses who already have the audience and content you need. With BoostSuite you can run a successful online marketing program in less than an hour a week. BoostSuite is free, easy to use, and only takes a minute to set up.

  • nick

    if any of the website have fix number of pages .how can it manage to stay updated…

    • Ryan Kettler

      Thanks for your comment Nick.

      If your website has a fixed number of static pages that you cannot edit easily, we suggest setting up a blog where you can add new pages and content on a regular basis. You can do set up the blog at a subdomain of your marketing site (i.e.

      We use WordPress, but there are a lot of different blogging platforms out there to choose from. I would suggest conducting a simple search online to figure out which one would suit your needs best.

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