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Archive for December, 2010

Why you must track PPC conversions and how to properly set them up

By Michael Harrison, Web Analytics & Optimization Specialist at ROI Revolution
We had a heat wave in October here in North Carolina–nearly 90 degrees, if you can believe it–and as I was taking a walk through my neighborhood, I saw some kids had set up a lemonade stand on the corner. I doubt the young entrepreneurs were concerned about sales and profit margin; they weren’t taking tally on how many cups they sold and how much cash they had brought in. …

Holiday 2010 Release

This Holiday Season we’re proud to announce that we’re giving all BoostSuite users the gift of marketing with speed.  For the last few months the team at Preation has been hard at work developing some exciting new features that are now available to use. Our December 2010 release is all about laying the foundation for the future of web content marketing and changing how you promote your business online.
Our December 2010 release is the first of four releases. New …

Why the “Above the Fold” Design Mentality Could Lead to a Bad First Date

If you think of dating as a metaphor for direct response marketing
If you work in my industry, online marketing, and specifically direct response marketing design, there is a mantra and even an acronym for elements being above the fold (ATF).
It is a term that has been carried over from the newspaper print world where the most important piece of information or an enticing image had to be above the line where a newspaper would naturally be folded in a newsstand; …

A Very Exciting Announcement: Eden Named #1 Web CMS

Ryan Kettler and I are extremely excited to announce that yesterday morning TopTenREVIEWS, a popular online review site, ranked Eden Platform the #1 Web Content Management System among a list of industry brand names including website builder products from Intuit and GoDaddy.
Of course, we’re flattered. We’re also really excited to see the focus TopTenREVIEWS put on search engine optimization and marketing-centric features within a website management tool. We couldn’t agree more!
The last decade saw nearly every small business building their …

Why Your Visitors Hate Your Stock Photography

It’s overused, sometimes cheesy, and almost always lacks authenticity. Those are the drawbacks of using stock photography and they are the traits you don’t want associated with your brand!
Sure, the benefits are there – stock photography is fairly inexpensive and easy to obtain in just a few clicks, but if you don’t want your product or service to be perceived as “cheap”, then stay away from the cheap stuff when developing your website, email marketing campaigns, and marketing collateral.
For most …

10 Things You Shouldn’t Say in a Google AdWords Ad

Today’s guest article is brought to you by Kyle Duchesneau, PPC Account Manager at ROI Revolution. ROI Revolution optimizes and manages PPC campaigns for some of the world’s most successful online advertisers.

Writing effective ad copy on Google AdWords is a task easier said than done. One must be able to make a compelling case for their product or service and encourage searchers to take action all while complying with Google’s policies and character limits. Given the limitations of 25 characters …

How to Drive Repeat Visitors to Your Website with Email Marketing

When was the last time that you didn’t check your email first thing in the morning, periodically throughout the day, at the end of the workday, and perhaps even again before hitting the sack? Sorry, vacations do not count. We’re all guilty of this behavior, and that’s good news for email marketing. With a compelling email marketing plan, you can capitalize on your audience’s inbox obsession to drive repeat visitors to your website.
Turn a Casual Visitor into a Lead
Once …

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