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Suggestion Stream

The Suggestion Stream is a simple to-do list of changes you can implement on your website. It is the primary tool you will use with BoostSuite to generate more revenue. It provides you with suggestions that matter to your online marketing results instead of confusing data, charts and tables. The Suggestion Stream tells you which page you're working on along with how important the suggested changes are. Forget about spending all your time analyzing data and let the suggestion stream be your guide!

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No Analysis Required

As a small business owner, your time and money are precious. One of the best things about BoostSuite is that you don't have to be a statistician or a web marketing expert to use it and gain the most benefit from your company’s website. Unlike traditional website analytics tools, there are no charts, no graphs and no analysis required. Gone are the days of guesswork and finger-crossing. Our simple-to-implement suggestions will have a positive effect on your online marketing efforts based on proven website marketing tactics.

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More Website Revenue

Your company’s website should be a source of revenue for your business, however most websites are not optimized to take full advantage of this earning potential. BoostSuite gives you the opportunity to grab the reins and turn your website into a lead generating machine. All you need to do is follow the suggested changes within BoostSuite and you will start seeing more qualified visitors, more leads, more customers, and more revenue generated through your website.

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Works With Any Website

Is your website built and managed using WordPress? Joomla? Drupal? SquareSpace? Plain ‘ol HTML? Or maybe some other software? Have no fear. BoostSuite works with any website, regardless of what was used to build it. The entire product is web-based, so there's no need to install anything. Setup is quick and easy!

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Get Started Right Now

Most website marketing tools out there today are cumbersome, confusing and expensive. Often you must dedicate many hours to learn to take advantage of the software. You need to be able to get started right away. With BoostSuite, you can receive easy-to-implement suggestions for your website within 1 minute of signing up. You will then know exactly what you need to do in order to make an impact to your website results.

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Free To Use

We know that small businesses are strapped for cash, so we decided to provide BoostSuite to you completely free of charge. There's absolutely no risk to try it out, so why not give it a shot today? Once you take the time to use the free version, you'll see the customers and revenue start rolling in. BoostSuite is scalable; it grows as your business grows, always providing suggestions to gain the most revenue from your website. You won’t need anything else!

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MagnetVideo Sees Growth In Website Leads

MagnetVideo followed BoostSuite's suggestions to optimize their new landing page. Here are the areas BoostSuite recommended improving along with how MagnetVideo achieved them:

  1. Limit navigation – as you can see on the page, there is no navigation at all. The main focus of the page is the video and then the conversion form. There’s no confusion as to what the page is about.
  2. Provide something in return – Magnet Video is offering a free download of an eBook that they created that covers the “10 Essentials For Online Video Marketing; Increasing Leads and Conversions”. The key here is that you cannot download the eBook until you fill out the monthly newsletter form.
  3. Add social sharing - They’ve added sharp button links to their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+ accounts in the footer with a nice “Follow Us” CTA above.
  4. Make it short – The text is nice and short on the top right but still contains some great keywords for the search engines to read. They allow the video and the sign-up form to be the stars of the page.
MagnetVideo's implementation of the BoostSuite suggestions shows amazing results. “I’m really impressed with how BoostSuite has improved my organic SEO results. Since we started using BoostSuite, we have seen a substantial monthly growth in traffic, keywords and leads. They just keep going up, and up and UP!” - David Rose of MagnetVideo.

or watch the video

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Sandy Toes Sees 184% Customer Growth in One Month

Sandy Toes Rose Island implemented BoostSuite's suggestions and the results have been impressive. Suggestions focus on 3 key website metrics; visitor quantity, visitor quality, and visitor results.

  • Visitor Quantity – the amount of page views on your site.
  • Visitor Quality – measurement of overlap between the behaviors of your current website visitors and of previous website visitors who completed a conversion on your website (i.e. filled out a form).
  • Visitor Results – number of conversions your website received.
By following BoostSuite's simple suggestions, Sandy Toes saw a 95% increase in visitor quantity combined with a 52% increase in visitor quality, yielding a 184% increase in results in just 30 days. These results are not unique. Any small business can accomplish similar results by optimizing their marketing website using BoostSuite.

Deb Saunders at Sandy Toes had this to say about BoostSuite: “I can’t even begin to say how fantastic BoostSuite has been to us! It is so important to make sure people actually find your site through SEO optimization, and BoostSuite has gone above and beyond to help us do that. The platform is easy to use and their tech support is exceptional. We have seen a substantial increase in our direct bookings and hope to continue to grow with BoostSuite. Thanks again!”

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BoostSuite Pricing is Simple

Perfect solution for new websites

Start building your website audience immediately

One article trade request per month

Unlimited incoming trades

Starting at only $19 per month

The fastest way to acquire more visitors, leads and customers

Unlimited article trade requests

Unlimited incoming trades

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Congrats to Argyle Social for winning best demo company at the recent Internet Summit Conference. Among the 1,500 attendees and 15 demo companies Argyle Social was chosen based on a variety of criteria by visitors to the demo showcase area. Argyle Social allows marketers to easily and directly track social media efforts back to real business results. Pretty cool stuff.
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The omnipresent social media marketer

Hey there!  I’m Eric Boggs, Founder and CEO at Argyle Social.  We develop social media marketing software that helps marketers measure and optimize their social media marketing efforts.  And we’re thrilled to be back with another guest post. This one starts with three words:
Location location location.
Is the adage for real estate true for social media? Should you use all available social media marketing tools…. just because you can?
The answer is not so simple.
Which social media networks you use should be …

Facebook vs. Twitter: Which should small businesses use?

With all of the social media outlets available to small businesses today, it can be hard to determine which is best to convey your marketing messages.  Facebook and Twitter are both great for instantly updating your followers with news, current events, and other updates, but which is better for business?  The answer, of course, is “it depends”.
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Hey there!  I’m Eric Boggs, Founder and CEO at Argyle Social.  We develop social media marketing software that helps marketers measure and optimize their social media marketing efforts.  And we’re excited to drop some knowledge in this guest post on the Small Business Web Marketing Blog!
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Greetings readers!
November is social media month here on the Small Business Web Marketing Blog and as a special treat to our readers, we are going to feature some guest posts from numerous social media/web marketing authorities.  You may recognize some of our guests.  They include the likes of Argyle Social, Shoeboxed, and ROI Revolution just to name a few.  These guest posts will cover an array of social media and small business marketing topics that will help your business start …

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