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Archive for May, 2010

5 tips to properly optimize your webpages

Optimizing your website for the search engines does not have to be a challenge.  If you follow the simple guidelines listed below, you can increase the amount of qualified traffic coming to your website and decrease the amount of money you spend on SEO.  Think of these tips as pieces of the overall SEO puzzle.  Once you”ve completed them all, the search engines will know exactly what each page on your site is about.  Before you start optimizing your site, …

The four most important things to consider when adding a page to your website

When optimizing your website for the search engines, nothing is more important than the right content.  Your content should include key-phrases that match your business’ core offering.  Each page should focus on a maximum of three key-phrases so the search engines know exactly what the page entails.  The search engines should not have to guess what your pages are about.  You can remove the guess work by keeping the focus narrow on a per page basis and by building your …

Google Offers Eight Tips for Marketing Your Small Business Online

Today Google published a video kit on their website (in partnership with the Small Business Administration) full of great information about ways that small businesses should be using free and low-cost online marketing tools. The kit includes several videos that you can play directly on the screen on various topics from “establishing a presence online” to “educating customers” and “promoting your business online.” Each tip is told from the standpoint of a small business owner who used it with …

Building and Testing Email Marketing Landing Pages

Landing pages aren’t exclusively reserved for search engine optimization and cost-per-click marketing campaigns. You need to consider them for all online marketing opportunities, for instance, email marketing.
When it comes to email marketing, landing pages are special pages that you create as the destination for links in your email newsletter. If you’re promoting a specific product in your newsletter, you’ll want to make sure that your landing page is relevant to that particular product and offer. Continuity is the key. Marketers …

Testing, Testing..One, Two, Three Landing Pages

Ask just about any Internet marketing professional how important testing is and they’ll quickly tell you it’s essential. But ask them how much effort they actually put into testing and their response may be a bit more equivocal. Conducting effective marketing tests on a regular basis is like flossing your teeth: everyone knows they should do it, but many people skip it all too often.
Why is split testing important? In a blog post on, they stated that split testing …

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