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Archive for April, 2010

Seven Web Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Be Using

Earlier this week I spoke at the International WWW2010 Conference in Raleigh, NC on the topic of The Future of Entrepreneurship on the Web. In honor of that topic in this newsletter I’ll share a few thoughts on what the web application revolution means for your business.
Whether you’re a first time business owner or a seasoned business executive, knowing how to get things done quickly and at a low cost is a skill that anyone can benefit from. A new …

Recurring events fill your calendar & save you time

In Preation’s February Eden code release, we made the ability to add recurring events available within the calendar module.  This is a wonderful enhancement that can save you both time and effort when it comes to adding events to your calendar.
Prior to this enhancement, if you wanted to add an event that repeated every week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you had to manually enter in each event from week to week.  With recurring events, the work is done for …

Small Business SEO Tip: Study your competition

Today’s small business SEO tip:
Do a quick Google search for your core product or service offering.  If your website doesn’t appear on the first page of results, click on the very first result and study their website.  Look at their page titles, site organization (pages and content), and calls to action.  Apply this same structure to your own website’s pages.  You can learn a lot about and improve your site’s search engine optimization by thoroughly studying your online competition.
This tip …

Do the undo

We’ve all been there, toiling away at a very important document on Microsoft Word, when all of a sudden it happens..”Oh no! I didn’t mean to delete that!”.   We breathe a sigh of relief when we realize that all is not lost.  Lo and behold, the undo button.  By hitting the undo button in your toolbar, you will undo the last action you performed.
This action can also be performed while editing a content element within Eden by using what’s known …

Ditch the icon…Go with a text link!

One great feature that comes standard with Eden is the ability to add files directly to any page of your website.  This feature allows users to easily manage and share documents with their visitors.  Some primary uses for this feature include adding printable pdf forms on your website and adding Powerpoint presentations for your visitors and colleagues.
To add a document to a page, follow these steps while editing a page:

Drag a Content element and drop it in any zone on …

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