Worldwide Spam Cut in Half

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….for a couple days!  Lately, I”ve enjoyed featuring posts about spamming and zombie computer networks.  So, recently, a Kazakhstani ISP, known as AS Troyak was mysteriously taken down.  As soon as it was removed from the internet, worldwide spam volumes dropped by fifty percent.

AS Troyak gave power to a nefarious botnet known to promote the Zeus Trojan.  Like many other Trojans, Zeus seeks to uncover and steal banking information.  It also gives its controllers the ability to perform DDoS attacks. The disruption in service was caught by the Swiss firm, ZeusTracker.

What”s especially strange about this case is that the identity of the agency and the people responsible for bringing AS Troyak down is unknown.  Some sources claim that the action was taken by law enforcement officials, but other evidence indicates that the controllers of the botnet were the ones responsible.

Within a few hours, the networks started to reconnect itself to the internet.  A person claiming to be the spokesperson for AS Troyak is quoted as saying, “Don’t worry, it is up and running again, we fixed our weakness and now it will become concrete stable.”

Experts are unclear as to whether AS Troyak will remain online.  Some feel the service will remain online only temporarily….just long enough for their users to migrate their data and set up shop elsewhere!

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