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Archive for February, 2010

Why spam, why?

I think spam is a fascinating subject….in fact, I have an email folder where I collect my favorite spam emails.  I particularly enjoy collecting ones that have lost their true intention through poorly written English.
Truly malicious spams are sent to your inbox for two main reasons:

To gain control of your computer
To get your credit card number

So, most spams that have a computer virus associated with them are sent to you with the intention of taking control of your computer, and …

Gold, Silver, Bronze, or go home

I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy watching the Winter Olympics.  Each athlete is out there competing for honor and country at the highest level.  What makes these games so intriguing, is their severity.  The athletes are the best in world, the courses are the most challenging, the judges are hyper critical, and the slightest miscalculation can send a competitor home without a medal.
I find it a little unfortunate that only the three best athletes are celebrated for …

Conquering Nomenclature

When reviewing website traffic, here are the four most misunderstood pieces of data:

Unique Visitors

So, lets take a moment to get to know each of these data points.  Unique visitors are measured by tracking the number of times a computer using an IP address has visited a website.  In some home and office networks, many computers can share a single IP address, which can result in a miscalculated number of unique visitors.
The number visitors your website receives refers to the total …

AppVita Gives Eden 4 out of 5 Stars

Web app review site AppVita has reviewed the Eden and calls Eden great with a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. Stephanie Miles from AppVita mentioned the following in her review:

“Preation allows you to set up a site in just a few easy steps”
“One of the best things Preation offers for small business owners is its automated search engine optimization tool”
“Preation’s templates are well-designed, stylish, and targeted for businesses”
“Preation is an excellent tool that’s worth checking out.”

The single point …

How to Write Website Content

Bass Ackwards is the best way to write content for your website.  No, really, I’m being completely serious.
So, basically, your website is an excellent example of persuasive writing.  If it isn’t, you and I both know that it should be, and that you’ve got some work to do.  Back in grade school, we’re all taught to follow the academic formula:

Start with a hypothesis
Support it with details
Express a compelling conclusion

That process probably works fine in school…you’ve got a captive audience, your …

Don’t downsize your website

This is another subject that seems to get discussed frequently whenever I’m meeting with website managers.  If you’re considering a reduction in the number of pages you have on your website, be careful!
You could jeopardize your site’s overall search engine rankings.
Search engines evaluate your website by indexing as many pages of it as they can find.  If your website is both easy to index, and your keywords are used consistently throughout its pages, then the search engines should have a …

Search Engine Journal Calls Eden CMS Slick, Self-Explanatory, and Easy-to-Use

We were highly flattered last week to see a glowing review of Eden in the Search Engine Journal. Ann Smarty of the Search Engine Journal says that Eden is a “…slick, self-explanatory interface that easily guides you though the whole process of creating, optimizing and managing a website.” Ann reviewed Eden to determine how it could be used to optimize a website while working as a marketer on a web development team. “Working in an SEO team, I always prefer …

TemplateZine Reviews Eden Website CMS

The team at TemplateZine, a community that reviews and provides website design templates for content management systems such as Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress, recently took a look at Eden and posted their thoughts about Eden’s website CMS and SEO features on their website.

Is Your Browser Slow, or is it You?

Statistics show that most folks simply choose to use the browser that came with their computer, and in most cases, that’s some version of MS Internet Explorer (IE.)  There’s nothing particularly wrong with IE, but you’ve absolutely got to keep it up to date.  Its a shame that I’ve run into so many people who refuse to keep their windows computers up to date.  If you fail to keep your computer up to date, you’re creating lots of problems for …

Email Marketing is Not Effective…

…for attracting new customers……is the end of that sentence.  Give me a break, I’m shooting for an attention grabbing headline!
I guess I’ve been in the industry too long.  This seems like common sense to me, however, every month or so, I have to explain to someone that email marketing is an absolutely horrible solution for attracting new customers.
Let’s start with a definition of “New Customer,” shall we?  I consider a new customer to be a complete stranger who visits a …


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