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Archive for January, 2010

Why should I let Google control my ads?

So, if you”re trying to get the most out of your Google Adwords campaign, you might want to try turning on Conversion Optimizer.  The software ensures that your ads are displayed more frequently when Google predicts the highest conversion rate.
So, how exactly does this help you?
Well, if your ad is being displayed and collecting clicks, then its costing you money.  However, if those clicks are turning into conversions,  you”re probably making money!  So, when Conversion Optimizer is turned on, your …

Eden Platform Reviewed by Web Analytics World

My Google Alerts just informed me that Eden Platform has gotten a very positive review from Manoj Jasra, publisher of Web Analytics World.  Its no surprise that he was impressed by Eden’s built-in search engine optimization (SEO) functionality.  Read the review of Eden Platform.

Eden Picked by Web Firm as 2010 CMS

Web development and design firm RedMetalBox has picked Eden among three CMSs that they will be using for building websites in 2010. In their video announcement they mention Eden’s automated SEO functionality as a favorite feature. Thanks for picking Eden guys!

Simple Do’s and Dont’s of Email Marketing

It is important to understand that email marketing is a tactical marketing tool, it is a beneficial marketing avenue designed to help build customer retention and conversion. On the other hand, email is not as effective as a customer acquisition option.
Consistency is often overlooked in email marketing; your subscribers will appreciate and even anticipate regular communications.  You also need to make sure that your email communications are sent out at the same time of day for maximum consistency.
Businesses often make …

Lots of Discussion About Eden Platform on Topsy

While cruising the web today I found Topsy which is an aggregator of Tweets and other web content. It was pretty cool to search for Preation and see all of Tweets, Twitter accounts, blog posts, and top web results all in one place. Lots of discussion about website design and seo software in one place! Search Topsy for your business name and you’ll get a pretty quick read on what the web is saying about you right now.

The secrets to White Hat SEO

There are two basic schools of thought regarding search engine optimization (SEO):  White hat and Black hat.  White hat optimization strategists listen to the search engines’ guidelines for optimization and follow their rules.  Following this strategy ensures that your website will eventually get ranked for terms you’ve targeted.  I say eventually, because the downside of white hat optimization is that it can take a long time…especially if you’re going after highly competitive search terms.
Black hat optimization techniques seek to subvert …

Eyes on the Prize vs Enterprise

Not all content management systems are created equal.  In fact, there are CMS products that appeal to nearly every market segment.  While big businesses may be better served by an enterprise level CMS, small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) need to keep their focus on what’s most important…adding content easily and attracting their target audience.
I found an interesting blog post today that details the rigors of evaluating an enterprise level CMS.
Smaller businesses should forgo such a daunting gauntlet and spend …

Review of Eden Platform (Previous Version of BoostSuite) on Blippr

I posted an entry for Eden Platform on Blippr this evening. Blippr is a social media review site run by the folks at Mashable. If you’d like to provide your thoughts on Eden please head over to Blippr and add a review or comment to the Eden profile. Sharing your experience using Eden on Blippr will help other small business owners determine if Eden might be a good solution for them. Thanks for your support.

Requesting Eden Review

I posted a comment on a cms review I found on Gadgetopia tonight. The post was written by Deane at Gadgetopia back in October of 2005. I’m hoping he’ll take a look at Eden and let us know what he thinks. I pointed him to the Eden website software free trial to take a look.

iFrame, iSaw, iConquered

Just in case you didn’t already know…Eden Platform is a website content management and optimization solution that allows entrepreneurs and marketers to easily build and maintain a highly optimized website that generates more business results.  Offered under a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, we regularly make enhancements and improvements to Eden allowing for greater organization, ease of use, and aesthetic presentation.  This month we have launched a series of improvements including the Eden Platform iFrame Element.
With this new element, …


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